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Leo Gorcey, Huntz Hall, Bernard Gorcey, Robert Osterloh, Joyce Holden, William 'Bill' Phillips, Rudy Lee, William Forrest, Chick Chandler, David Gorcey, Benny Bartlett, Lou Lubin, Tim Ryan, Peter Mamakos, Edith Leslie
Edward Bernds
IMDB Rating
When Sach is hit on the nose by Herbie, Sach develops a mystic-mind power. This prompts Slip, Chuck, Butch and Louie to buy the Eagle Eye Detective Agency...using, of course, Louie's money. In waltzes Myra Hagen, who leaves with the boys a valuable fur coat and a sealed letter, to be given to the District Attorney, in the event anything happens to her. John Graham, makes his entrance following Myra's exit, and he poses as an insurance man, but is actually with the fur crooks, and he is given the coat but the Boys are unable to produce the letter, since Sach, has wrecked the office by blowing up the safe, and the latter has vanished. But, in the event it shows up, Professor Damon, leader of the gang and operating a Health Farm as a cover, has his henchmen "Soapy" and Al kidnap Herbie as a ransom against the delivery of the letter, which blows the lid on the gang. Slip, disguised as a Viennese doctor, and Sach, as an invalid old woman wearing Mary Pickford curls, go the the Farm to ...
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