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Jackie Stewart, Britt George, Whitney Goin, Dillon, Jason Crabb, Larry Gatlin, Tabitha Douglas Warren, Steve Brockman, Christy Sutherland, Kaitlyn King, Regina McCrary, Cory Scott Allen, Andrea Thomas, Jean Reinke, Dorinda McGaha
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Welcome to Inspiration follows the true-to-life story lines of people searching for meaning in the midst of unfulfilled dreams, challenging circumstances and unexpected struggles. When a big city couple find themselves stranded in a small town,their lives are changed forever. A chance encounter with a Street Sweeper opens their eyes to inspirational life lessons that come alive through the town's residents: a widow coping with the death of her soldier daughter, a small business owner rescuing a young runaway, a mechanic finding faith and a young musician bravely pursuing his dream. Like Enochs' book, the movie reveals seven Bible-based principles, which Enochs dubs the "Seven Revelations of Irrefutable Success" that point toward a life of increased spiritual fulfilment. With themes of faith, family and discipleship, Welcome to Inspiration points viewers to the Word of God as the source of ultimate authority and direction. The film effectively moves audiences to spark personal ...
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