Watch Creating Freedom: The Lottery of Birth Online
Michael Albert, Stanley Aronowitz, Tony Benn, Nick Davies, Daniel C. Dennett, Bill Fletcher Jr., George Monbiot, Steven Pinker, Jeff Schmidt, Vandana Shiva, Kathleen Taylor, Nicholas Woodeson, Howard Zinn
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THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH is the first in a three-part documentary series entitled 'Creating Freedom' exploring the relationship between freedom, power and control in Western democracies. The series draws together interviews with some of the world's leading intellectuals, journalists and activists to offer an alternative perspective on today's society and the future we're creating. We do not choose to exist, or the environment we grow up in. Our starting point in life is one of passive reliance on forces over which we have no control. THE LOTTERY OF BIRTH shows that from birth onwards our minds are a battleground of competing forces: familial, educational, cultural, and professional. The outcome of this battle not only determines who we become, but the society that we create.
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