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Denise Basile, Oscar Beisert, Brendan Boyle, Hugh Boyle, Thomas Branigan, Calder Burke, Tighe Davis, Thomas Dayton, Sarah del Ricci, Alice Dignam, Andrew Fearon, Helen File, Bobby Henon, Louis Iatarola, Debbie Klak
Jason Sherman
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The King's Highway is a Documentary film about the untold story of Northeast Philadelphia's impact on America and the historical significance of this region. The historic buildings and structures along the King's Highway along with the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route are the foundation of the film. Augmenting that with in-depth historical coverage of Philadelphia's three defining creeks and rivers, will allow for a very comprehensive depiction. Our expert speakers and documentary filmmaker Jason Sherman will provide the narrative. Archival footage, documents, photographs and artifacts gives you a glimpse into the past. Time lapse, aerial, and walk-through footage of many locations enables you to see the beauty that has been all but forgotten. The goal of the film is to not only spread awareness about the historic value of this area, but to also showcase the historians and preservationists that are fighting to keep our beautiful city and the history of the United States of ...
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