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Paul 'H.R.' Hudson, Dean Ween, Jack Irons, Milo Auckerman, Lou Koller, Jello Biafra, Peter Courtner, Henry Rollins, Randy Ellis, Harley Flanagan, Al Jourgensen, Ian MacKaye, Chris McGill, Johnny Pompadour, Christian Seymour
Steve Tozzi
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Riot on the Dance Floor: The story of Randy Now and City Gardens is a documentary from director Steve Tozzi, that features the stark and iconic photography of Thrasher Magazine's Ken Salerno. It is told through an oral history format of in-depth interviews and archival footage, bringing to life the gritty story of one of New Jersey's most infamous clubs and its larger than life promoter. City Gardens was a venue for underground music and during its time it traversed the entertainment spectrum; from the comedy of Henny Youngman to Nine Inch Nails, New Order to Nirvana. Riot on the Dance Floor is a journey of musical champions and underdogs and above all, the freedom and liberation of having complete creative control.
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