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Mick Colligan, Michael Denny, Alicja Druzkowska, Helena Jacks, Martin Ashley Jones, Chantelle Latham, George Maguire, Yvonne Marsden, Helen Pawson, Lenny Wood, Jeff Young
John Maxwell
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Flynn travels to Violet City, a decadent city ruled by despotic aristocrats in thrall to the Empusa (the immortal energy parasites that dwell inside Cathedral Mountain) just as revolution is fermenting. This Gothic Steampunk fantasy is based on a novel written by post-punk singer/songwriter Dave Jackson and directed/produced and animated by JP Maxwell, Shooting some 20,000 photos and video plates, Maxwell has used layers from sources as diverse as Nepal, Boston, Liverpool and Venice to create a fantasy landscape and brought together an ensemble cast for over two years of principal green screen photography . The film harks back to the German Expressionist work of FW Murnau and Fritz Lang and the characters and story world are influenced by the weird fantasy of HP Lovecraft, Michael Moorcock, Mervyn Peake and China Mieville.
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