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Danny Trejo, Pastor Shepherd, Maria-Elena Laas, Diane Hruska, Josh Perry, Sewell Whitney, Scott Allen Perry, Rachel Ayers, Clay Blackstone, Doc Dachtler, Jeff Davis, Chris Drake, John Jones, Mark Kasinger, Lauren Kelly
Edwin L. Marshall
IMDB Rating
In this quirky comedy Shepherd is a struggling door-to-door freeze-dried pet salesman, who lives alone with his ailing mother. He is harassed at work by his mentally challenged boss, while his nearly catatonic mother sits at home, addicted to televangelists and prescription drugs. Her monetary contribution to these TV "pastors" is draining them financially dry. Their family physician urges Shepherd to find his mother some excitement before she slips away. When Shepherd loses his job he hits the road with his mother and their two neighbors, Annamari-ah (Maria-Elena Laas) and her father (Danny Trejo), to attend the End Times Revival Event!
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