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Volker Bruch, Tom Schilling, Katharina Schüttler, Miriam Stein, Ludwig Trepte, Mark Waschke, Henriette Richter-Röhl, Götz Schubert, Hildegard Schroedter, Christiane Paul, Sylvester Groth, Alina Levshin, Lucas Gregorowicz, Maxim Mehmet, Adam Markiewicz, Johanna Gastdorf, Peter Kremer, Trystan Wyn Puetter, David Zimmerschied, Joel Basman, Anne Diemer, Karina Plachetka, Judith Engel
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Berlin, 1941. Five friends eager to become heroes in an adventure that will change the face of Europe - and that will forever change them as well. Level-headed, highly decorated officer Wilhelm is off to the eastern front with his younger brother Friedhelm, a sensitive dreamer more interested in literature than warfare. Deeply in love with Wilhelm is Charlotte, a young nurse who looks forward to serving in the Wehrmacht, also on the eastern front. While Greta is a talented singer who longs to become another Marlene Dietrich, her Jewish boyfriend Viktor still cannot convince his parents to leave Germany... Valor and courage come to the fore, but also betrayal - of values, beliefs, humanity. Friedhelm turns into a soulless killing machine... Wilhelm deserts his troops and is court-martialed... Charlotte's Nazi ideology crumbles when she betrays a Jewish nurse helping the German army... Greta obtains papers for Viktor's escape by selling herself to an SS colonel. They and millions of ...
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