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Chisa Yokoyama, Shane Kosugi, Kenji Ohba, Jun'ichi Haruta
Takeshi Maya
IMDB Rating
The year is 1578. It is a time of strife and civil wars. During violent struggles for power, there were special soldiers who stood beside samurais. They sacrificed themselves in the line of duty, always at the service of their samurai masters. They operated incognito, wearing camouflage at all times. These spies were called "SHINOBI". They had once been united, but were now divided into countless antagonistic factions. Jin's group is targeted by another group... Riku is Jin's subordinate and the new leader of his group. All the duties are left to Riku. While commanding his forces, he fights with complete loyalty to Jin. When Riku once fought in a certain battle, he suffered a tragic setback that still troubles him deeply today. Mai quietly watches him to encourage him. The two spent time together fighting in fierce battles and gradually established a deep bond of trust and friendship. But a tragic fate destroyed this relationship. Blaring horns echo throughout the battlefield. Spies ...
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