Watch Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work Online
Kathy Griffin, Emily Kosloski, Mark Anderson Phillips, Jocelyn Pickett, Joan Rivers, Bill Sammeth, Larry A. Thompson, Graham Reed, Kevin Brennan, Debbie Brennan, Analie Berthel, Sean Foley, Denis Markell, Gilda Frost, David Dangle
Ricki Stern, Anne Sundberg
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This documentary follows one year in the life of , who sees herself first and foremost as an actress, with her life as a comedienne/writer just an extension of being an actress. Now at age 75, Rivers has faced her ups and downs in her forty plus year career, the year leading up to filming being a down compared to what she would have wanted, which is a calendar full of engagements with several engagements each day. That want is in part to support her opulent personal lifestyle, but is more a need to bolster her own sense of self-worth as a basically insecure person who is probably best known now for her overuse of cosmetic surgery rather than her professional work. She feels that , who she admires, is now getting all the engagements she would have gotten in her prime. During this year, Rivers is seen going from engagement to engagement, some big - such as a Kennedy Center Honors for , a double bill with in New York, and her own celebrity...
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