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Cindy Pickett, John Ashton, Corin Nemec, Luke Edwards, Pruitt Taylor Vince, Ray Walston, Gregg Henry, Jim Haynie, Barbara Tarbuck, Scott Curtis, Stephanie Walski, Sumer Stamper, Cassy Friel, June C. Ellis, Billy O'Sullivan, Jason Presson, Stephen Dorff, Scott Reeves, Bryan Cranston, Jacob Gelman, Dennis Fimple, Vance Valencia, Shane McCabe, Al Berry, Brenda Hillhouse, Robina Suwol, Kenneth Zavayna, Lyla Graham, Nell Heller, Anne Faulkner, Beth Grant, Lynnsey Ryan, Kenny McMurphy, Raymond Cruz, Karl Wiedergott, Allison Mack, Anne Convery, Amy O'Neill, Barry Corbin, Peter Michael Goetz, Alan Fudge, Todd Eric Andrews, Hilary Morse, Shantell Stebbins, Marice Leeds, Harold Pruett, Jonathan Perpich, William Frankfather, John Vickery, James Ingersoll, John DeMita, Billy Ray Sharkey, Shannon Holt, Mark Tymchyshyn, Michael Chieffo, Whitney Rydbeck, Natividad Vacío, Pamela McMyler, Ron Tank, Andrew Amador, Jeremy McCollum, David Glasser, Robert Balderson, Mars Callahan, Wendy Gordon, Darcy DeMoss, Dave Adams, Annie O'Donnell, Dan Kelpine, Tiiu Leek, Kim Maxwell, Jeff Olson
Larry Elikann
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7-year old Steven Stayner is kidnapped a few days before Christmas by Kenneth Parnell. Under the belief that Parnell has been given legal custody of him, and that his family has moved away, he stays with Parnell for seven years, enduring repetitive sexual abuse the entire time. Finally, at fourteen, he returns home to his family.
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