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Lulu, Bob Sherman, Terry-Thomas, Wilfrid Hyde-White, Spike Milligan, Patrick Cargill, Robert Hutton, Arthur Blake, Jack Hulbert, Priscilla Morgan, Fiona Curzon, Henry McGee, Julia Sutton, Bruce Boa, Barry Wilsher
Peter Curran
IMDB Rating
Millionaire's son James Burn III (Bob Sherman) just wants to live a life free from responsibility (and work) and the film opens with him taking part in a mass sleep-in outside Windsor Castle. His father is not happy with this and hires Nancy (Lulu) to dupe him into leaving his hippy friends and entering the world of work, which she does, bringing him into contact with her own elderly father Dobson played by Wilfrid Hyde-White and a variety of other English eccentrics all played by well-known comic actors. But while doing so Nancy falls for James and they get married. The marriage is quickly on the rocks, though, due to the couple's very different attitudes to life, and James embarks on a series of affairs with, among others, his father's mistress Maureen (Fiona Curzon) who becomes his surrogate wife, Lulu's character having vanished from the film by that stage. A new-look Lulu returns at the end to take James back and renew her efforts to get him to adopt the life of duty and ...
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